Buy and Sell

To buy something simply click on the item in the store you wish to buy.

You will be prompted with how many krajules it will cost.

Click yes to buy, click no to cancel.

Mouse over the items and look at the info window at the top middle of the screen.

This will tell you how many items there are.

A popup will happen if the item has any special properties.
To sell, look for a sales bin in any store.

Walk over to it so that you are facing it.

It's important to face the bin as your Krabbit will throw the items in.

If they are not facing the bin they may throw the items wildly around.

Open your inventory by pressing I, then drag the item you wish to sell outside the inventory window.

It doesn't matter which side or where, just so long as it's outside the window.

Let the mouse button go.
Once you let the mouse button go, you will be prompted if you really want to drop this item.

Click yes and your Krabbit will throw it into the bin.

You will see a green number that indicates how many krajules you got from the sale.

If you miss the bin or accidentlly sell something you wanted, just pick it back up again by clicking on it.